Getting ideas is like pulling rabbits out of a hat.
A good one will surprise you but the best will make you smile.

Mokalache is a brand identity studio based between Barcelona & Beirut.

We work with illustration, design, art, words, photography, videos, and codes to help brands narrate their unique stories and visions.

We get emotional, messy, crazy. We listen, ask, research, think, break, and destroy before we create powerful brand experiences.

Our work englobes branding, packaging, websites, prints, strategy, communication, display design.

When it comes to delivering your public presence, attracting users, and building your business, you want a strong start. A brand is more than a color palette and a slogan. It’s the psychological force behind your business. We will help you define your company’s unique voice, persona, and place in the world. So you have a guide for clear, consistent communication, and potential customers have an emotional reference point for your company. Which is good. Because customers aren’t loyal to companies. They’re loyal to brands.

  • MO Kalache Designer
    • Mo
    • Creative Director Designer
    • Carlos
    • Web Developper

Our clients:

  • Muse Chocolate Concept

What they say about us:

  • Susan One Earth Organics

    “Mo is an exceptionally talented designer and artist. His designs are unique and eye-catching. He is also a very clever branding and marketing guru and has helped us with our start-up business since the beginning. We honestly would not be where we are today without him, and we fully recommend his work and work ethic to anyone who wants the best.” Susan Upton . Co-Founder One Earth Organics Uk